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If you make a successful application for the child, the earliest date that money may be paid from is the date you:

  • submitted the first part of your application, if you applied online 
  • phoned Social Security Scotland to start the application process, if you applied by phone and paper form

Child Disability Payment is normally paid every 4 weeks in arrears. It'll be paid into the account details you provided as part of your application.

If the child is terminally ill, Child Disability Payment is paid weekly in advance.

When the child turns 16 

Social Security Scotland will write to their parent, guardian or appointee. They’ll ask if the young person can:

  • manage their own Child Disability Payment
  • get any payments sent to them

If they can, Social Security Scotland will pay the young person when they turn 16. Some young people will not be able to manage their own payments. Instead, Social Security Scotland can name an appointee to manage the young person’s Child Disability Payment for them.

Social Security Scotland will pay Child Disability Payment until the young person is 18. They will not need to apply for Personal Independence Payment when they're 16 years old. However, they can choose to do so if they'd prefer to get that instead. 

You can get independent advice about whether to stay on Child Disability Payment or apply for Personal Independence Payment from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or your local council’s advice service.

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