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Decision about your application

Social Security Scotland’s decision making process is designed to make sure you're treated with dignity, fairness and respect.

When making a decision, they'll have access to:

  • detailed decision making guidance
  • experienced medical practitioners
  • specialist advisers with extensive knowledge and experience of working in health and social care


Social Security Scotland will send a letter with the decision to either:

  • the parent or guardian
  • someone appointed to act on the child’s behalf
  • the child if they’re 16 or over and managing their own payments

This letter is called a notice of determination.

Social Security Scotland aim to make a decision after getting:

  • your completed application
  • all the information they need to make a decision

If the child has a terminal illness, they aim to decide within 7 working days.

As Child Disability Payment is a new service, some processes may take longer. Processing applications can also take longer because of high demand. 

If you have questions or do not agree with the decision

By law, the letter needs to give clear and accessible guidance and explanations to you about the decision that's been made.

It will also tell you what to do if you do not agree with the decision

If you have any questions about your decision letter, you can contact Social Security Scotland.

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