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Apply to lease an accessible vehicle

The Accessible Vehicles and Equipment Scheme helps disabled people to lease a range of vehicles including:

  • cars
  • scooters
  • powered wheelchairs
  • specially adapted vehicles

How it works 

When you lease a vehicle through the scheme, it will be with our authorised provider, Motability Operations Ltd.

Social Security Scotland will help you pay the lease using all or part of either:

You can find more information about the scheme on the Motability website

Who can apply 

Applying to lease a vehicle for yourself

You can apply to lease a vehicle yourself if you meet all of the following: 

Applying to lease a vehicle on someone’s behalf

You may be able to apply to lease a vehicle on behalf of someone else. 

This might be an option if you're either:

How to apply

To apply to lease a vehicle using the scheme, go to the Motability website where you can:

When visiting a dealership, you need to present your certificate of entitlement. You'll find this included in your Child Disability Payment or Adult Disability Payment decision award letter. 

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