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If you're terminally ill

You do not need to do anything if you’re getting Personal Independence Payment (PIP) because you're terminally ill. 

If you become terminally ill after Adult Disability Payment starts on 29 August 2022, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Social Security Scotland will make sure they move your benefit quickly. 

If you are between 16 and state pension age when your Adult Disability Payment award starts you’ll get:  

  • enhanced award for daily living 
  • enhanced award for mobility  

If you are over state pension age when your Adult Disability Payment award starts, you’ll get the same rate of mobility that you got for PIP.

Whatever your age, Social Security Scotland will not review your Adult Disability Payment, unless you ask them to.

If you are terminally ill but do not get PIP under special rules for terminal illness 

Adult Disability Payment will be available across Scotland from 29 August 2022.

After this date, you may be able to get Adult Disability Payment under special rules for terminal illness, even if you have not been given PIP under special rules.

Ask your doctor or healthcare practitioner if they have filled in either of these forms for you:

  • DS1500
  • Benefits Assessment for Special Rules in Scotland (BASRiS)

If they have, you can check to see if you qualify by contacting Social Security Scotland. 

If they have not, ask them to fill in the BASRiS form and return it to Social Security Scotland.

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