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Consultations overview

Social Security Scotland will aim to make a decision about your Adult Disability Payment based on your:

Sometimes they’ll also need to talk to you to make a decision on your application. Social Security Scotland will ask you to take part in a consultation if this is the only way they can get the extra information they need.

Your consultation will be with a health and social care practitioner from Social Security Scotland.  

They’ll write a report, which they’ll send to your case manager. This will help them make a decision on your application.

Your consultation can be:

  • by phone
  • by video call
  • at a local public venue 
  • in your own home 

The consultation will not be a diagnosis or medical examination of your condition.

It will only cover the areas of your application that Social Security Scotland need more information about.

The consultation will be your chance to talk to Social Security Scotland about how your condition or disability affects your life.

If Social Security Scotland asks you to take part in a consultation, you should go.

They’ll use the information you give them to make a decision about your application.

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