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Sending documents and supporting information

What to send

Find out what to send for each type of change you need to tell Social Security Scotland about.

Changes to personal details

If your change is to your personal details or the child’s details, you’ll need to provide documents that confirm these changes. 

This could be a change to:

  • your address
  • the child’s name
  • your bank details

Find out what you need to send for each type of change.

Changes to care needs, conditions and mobility 

If Social Security Scotland asks for supporting information, they will only need to see supporting information about changes. You do not need to send a document if they have already seen it.

You may need to provide a document from a professional that confirms the change, where possible. 

A professional could be someone who works:

  • in public and private healthcare, like a consultant, GP, nurse, social worker or therapist
  • in education, like a teacher or support worker

This can be either:

  • a letter from a professional
  • an official document, such as a prescription list, letter from the child’s school, or a letter about an assessment or appointment

These are usually copies of documents or letters you may already have at home.

See more examples of supporting information from a professional.

You can also provide supporting information from someone in your wider support network that knows the child well. This could be a letter or phone call to Social Security Scotland from:

  • someone who helps care for the child, but not as part of their job
  • childminders
  • a family member

Social Security Scotland only need to see supporting information about changes. You do not need to send a document again if they have already seen it.

Find out more about the types of supporting information and who you can get it from.

Ask Social Security Scotland to get supporting information for you

If you need help to get supporting information, you can ask Social Security Scotland to gather it for you.

They can get in touch with your contacts and ask them to send supporting information to Social Security Scotland.

It may take longer for Social Security Scotland to process your changes if they get the supporting information for you. This is because it can take time getting information from other organisations.

If you do not have supporting information

Social Security Scotland only requires new supporting information in some circumstances, so you can still submit your change of circumstances without any supporting information. If they need supporting information, they will get in touch to talk about how they can help you.

If you have supporting information but cannot find it right now, you can send it later.

Sending your documents


If you’re in the UK, you can upload your documents online.

Uploading your documents online is the fastest way to send them.

You can upload digital files, photos, screenshots or scan of your documents. Make sure that they are clear and show the full document.

Do not send any photos of the child or their condition.

If you’re outside the UK, you cannot currently upload your documents online. You’ll need to post your documents using the details below.


To post your documents, send them to:

Child Disability Payment
PO Box 27167
G4 7EA

If you need a pre-paid envelope to send your documents contact Social Security Scotland.

If you’re not using a pre-paid envelope, or you’re posting documents from outside the UK, check you have paid the right amount of postage before you send your documents.

You should only send photocopies. It can take Social Security Scotland up to 2 weeks to return any original documents you send. You can make photocopies at your local library. 

Write the following information on your documents:

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • the child’s full name
  • the child’s date of birth
  • the words 'Change of circumstances', so Social Security Scotland know what the documents are for

It could take longer to process your change if you do not include this information on your documents.

Opening times are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Find out what to do if you need help contacting Social Security Scotland, or are calling from abroad.

If you're a British Sign Language user, you can use the contactSCOTLAND app to contact Social Security Scotland by video call.


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