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Upload your documents

When you apply for a benefit or report a change in circumstances, Social Security Scotland may ask you to send in some documents. This is to help them make a final decision or process your changes. This includes documents that confirm details such as who you are or your address.

You can upload your documents online if you need to send Social Security Scotland any. You can send a photo, screenshot or scan of your documents. Your file must be one of these types: DOCX, PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PPTX, XLSX, JPEG

When uploading your documents, Social Security Scotland will need to be able to see all the details clearly. This includes any:

  • names
  • reference numbers
  • dates

If Social Security Scotland cannot read the document, it will delay your benefit application or processing your change in circumstances.

Upload your documents

Do not upload application forms online. You must return application forms in the pre-paid envelope, otherwise this may delay the application.

Sending your documents by post

You can also send photocopies of your documents to Social Security Scotland by post. If you'd like a pre-paid envelope to send documents, contact Social Security Scotland and they'll send you one.

If you need any help

If you need help with your application or sending Social Security Scotland documents, contact Social Security Scotland. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau can also help with questions about benefits.

You and your data

Get more information about how Social Security Scotland uses your data by reading the Social Security Scotland privacy notice.

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