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Having a review with Social Security Scotland

When your review will happen

Social Security Scotland will send you a letter when the move is complete. This letter is to let you know:

  • what rate of Adult Disability Payment you’ll get
  • what date your Adult Disability Payment starts

The review of your Adult Disability Payment award will start as soon as you get this letter.

Social Security Scotland will also send you the Disability Living Allowance to Adult Disability Payment review form asking about:

  • your condition
  • any recent changes to your condition

Return the form to Social Security Scotland as soon as you can. The review of your Adult Disability Payment award is to make sure you’re on the right level of payment. After the review Social Security Scotland will make a decision on your award.

This decision might affect your:

  • Adult Disability Payment amount
  • entitlement to the Accessible Vehicles and Equipment Scheme
  • any related benefit payments

Motability offers a financial support package for clients who are not awarded enhanced mobility after their review.

You do not need to do anything until you receive the letter and form.

There are advisers across Scotland who can help you fill in the form. Call Social Security Scotland to find an adviser near you.

During your review, Social Security Scotland may ask you to talk with them. This is called a consultation. They’ll only do this if there's no other way to find the information they need for your review. Most people should not need a consultation. If you’re invited to take part, the consultation can take place by phone, video call or in person.

Find out more about reviews

You can call Social Security Scotland free on 0800 182 2222. Opening times are Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

If you're a British Sign Language user, you can use the Contact Scotland service to contact Social Security Scotland by video call.

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