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Moving to Gibraltar

Child Disability Payment

If you’re any nationality and are moving permanently from Scotland to Gibraltar you may be able to keep getting Child Disability Payment but you can only get the care component of this.

The mobility component cannot be paid if you move permanently out of Scotland. If you currently get the mobility component this will stop when you move. 

If you have leased a vehicle under the Accessible Vehicles and Equipment Scheme, you'll not be able to continue your lease and will need to return the vehicle. Find out more about Accessible Vehicles and Equipment Scheme.

Child Winter Heating Payment is not available if you move to Gibraltar as the winter is not as cold as it is in Scotland. 

What you need to do

You must tell Social Security Scotland about the move.

Find out how to let Social Security Scotland know that you’ve moved

Additional rules

For Social Security Scotland to decide whether you're eligible if you move outside of Scotland, they’ll need to check that:

  • you, or your parent or guardian are not moving abroad to work
  • you have proof of the new address 

Social Security Scotland also need to check whether you have a ‘genuine and sufficient link’ to Scotland. For example, if you or a family member have spent a significant part of your lives in Scotland.

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