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How to apply for a DAS

How to apply for DAS

How to apply for a DAS: step by step


Money advisers cannot charge for setting up a debt payment programme (DPP) through DAS. 

Your creditors cover the costs of managing your DPP after it’s set up.

After you apply

You and your money adviser will get a letter or email from AiB to say if they've approved your DPP.

If your DPP is approved

The letter or email will confirm the terms of your DPP including any conditions you must meet.

A payments distributor will contact you to set up your payments. This may be the money adviser you apply through. If it's not, the money adviser will discuss this with you. 

You need to make the first payment within 42 days of your DPP being approved.

You’ll also get log in details for the online system (eDEN) on the AiB website. You can use it to manage your DPP.

DAS register

Your details are added to the DAS register (a public register on the AiB website). 

Details include your:

  • name
  • address
  • date of birth
  • date of the DAS application and when it was approved
  • your money adviser (and ‘payment distributor’ if different)
  • dates of any changes to your DAS

The register does not include any details about your debts.

If your DPP is rejected

You’ll continue to get protections from creditors for 2 weeks.

Your money adviser can tell you about your options. This could include:

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