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When your DAS ends

Your DAS ends when you complete the debt payment programme (DPP). 

It could end early if:

  • your creditors agree to write-off the debts early
  • you pay if off with a lump sum
  • it's cancelled (‘revoked’) – for example, AiB cancels it because you’ve missed payments

When AiB will cancel your DAS

AiB will cancel your DAS if you:

  • apply for bankruptcy
  • get a protected trust deed
  • separate from a partner you’ve got a joint DPP with (or if a partner dies)

AiB can also cancel it if you:

  • miss 3 payments without having an approved payment break
  • break the conditions of your DPP
  • knowingly gave false information about your DPP

If your DAS is cancelled

If it’s cancelled, you’ll owe your creditors:

  • any remaining debt you’ve not already repaid
  • interest, fees and charges they would have added had you not had a DAS

You might be able to appeal the cancellation (through AiB).

If your joint DAS was cancelled because you separated from your partner or they die, you could apply for an individual DAS instead. 

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