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Applying for credit during DAS

For credit over £2,000, you need to:

  • get approval from AiB before you apply - unless it’s for certain emergency costs
  • tell creditors, in writing,  you have a DAS when you apply

You do not need approval from AiB to apply for credit up to £2,000 during a DAS.


AiB could cancel your DAS if you apply for credit over £2,000 without them approving it. Contact your money adviser before you apply for credit.

Emergency costs

You do not need approval from AiB for credit over £2,000 if it’s for:

  • emergency home repairs – to keep your house wind and watertight
  • repairing a car you use to travel to work
  • to keep essential items in working order – for example, repairing your washing machine
  • funeral expenses for a close family member

Check if you need approval with your money adviser or the AiB before you apply for any credit.

Applying for approval for credit over £2,000

You can ask for approval for credit over £2,000 by applying for a variation to your DAS.

DAS and your credit file

Credit reference agencies can check the DAS register and add the DAS to your credit file.

Your money adviser can tell you how a DAS might affect your credit rating.

DAS can stay on your credit file for at least 6 years. 

Some credit agencies will automatically remove it after 6 years. If this does not happen, you can contact the agency to ask them to remove it.

The 3 main credit reference agencies are:

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