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Who can apply for a DAS?

To apply for a DAS you need to:

  • live in Scotland
  • owe money to one or more creditors (any amount of money)
  • have disposable income (money left over after essential living costs) 
  • be able to repay what you owe in a reasonable time

DAS lets you pay your debts through a debt payment programme (DPP).

Joint DPP

Both you and your partner need to qualify if you want a joint DPP. 

Who cannot apply for a DAS

You cannot apply for DAS if you:

  • have a protected trust deed
  • are bankrupt
  • have a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order
  • only have one debt and a court has given you more time to repay it (through a ‘time to pay direction’, ‘time to pay order’ or ‘time order’)

You may not be able to apply for a DAS if you're repaying money from your wages through a ‘conjoined arrestment order’ from a court. But there are some exceptions. You should speak to your money adviser about this. 

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