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Money and debt

Financial advice, court claims, bankruptcy and business debt.

  1. Affording and accessing food

    Information on affording and accessing food in Scotland. Includes information on the Scottish Welfare Fund Crisis Grant and food support in your area.

  2. Help with money

    Information and advice on money and debt, including clearing debt, finding a money adviser and help paying for your home.

  3. Business debt and bankruptcy

    Includes bankruptcy, insolvency and recovering money owed to your business.

  4. Apply for a moratorium

    Request a six-week period of debt relief where you can plan your next move without legal action by creditors.

  5. Check if a person or company is insolvent

    Search for insolvencies, trust deeds and companies in receivership or liquidation.

  6. Court claims, legal action and bankruptcy

    Recovering debts, registering for bankruptcy and making or responding to court claims for money.

  7. Debt Arrangement Scheme

    A scheme which lets people pay off their debts over a certain period of time.

  8. Report a loan shark

    Find out whether a money lender is legally licensed and, if not, how you can report them anonymously.

  9. Trust Deeds

    A way of paying a number of debts into a single regular payment.

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