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What is the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)?

The Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) lets you pay off your debts at rate you can afford. DAS also gives you protection from creditors.

It’s run by a part of the Scottish Government called Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB). 

DAS is only available in Scotland.

How DAS works

You can only apply through a DAS approved money adviser.

Check where to get free debt advice.

Not all money advisers are DAS approved. You should check this when you contact them.

Debt payment programme (DPP)

You'll make regular payments to your creditors through a debt payment programme (DPP). This can sometimes be over a longer time than your credit agreement.

How long a DPP lasts

You'll repay your debts over a 'reasonable' amount of time. 

The money adviser will discuss what’s a ‘reasonable amount of time’ for you. This will depend on how much you:

  • owe
  • can afford to pay

How much you'll pay

How much you’ll pay depends on your ‘disposable income'. This is money left over after essential living costs like:

  • rent or mortgage
  • food
  • utility bills

The money adviser will use the ‘Common Financial Tool’ (CFT) to work this out.All money advisers use the same CFT to work out what you can afford to pay towards any debt solution.

Joint DPPs

You can apply for a DPP:

  • alone
  • jointly with your partner - if you both have debts to repay

Protection from creditors

When you have a DPP creditors cannot:

  • ask you for money
  • take you to court
  • apply to make you bankrupt
  • add more interest, fees or charges - this stops your debt from growing

The protection starts when your money adviser or AiB formally asks your creditors to agree to the DPP.

Debt management plans

You do not get the same protection when you have a debt management plan (DMP).

DAS is different to a DMP from a debt management company.

Read about DMPs on Citizens Advice Scotland website.

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