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How to apply for DAS

How to apply for a debt payment programme through DAS.

Step 1

Get temporary relief from creditors (moratorium)

If you're thinking about a DAS or any other debt solution you may be able to apply for a moratorium. 

It's temporary relief from your creditors which stops them taking further action against you for 6 months. For example:

  • arresting your wages
  • taking any possession
  • starting any new court action 

You should check with a money adviser if a moratorium is right for you. You can apply yourself or through a money adviser. 

Check how to apply for a moratorium

Step 2

Get free debt advice

You need to apply for DAS through an approved money adviser. 

The Scottish Government help to fund organisations to give free professional debt advice.

Get free debt advice

Not all money advisers are DAS approved. You should check this first when you contact them.

Step 3

Working out what you can afford

The money adviser will work out how much you can afford to pay after paying your essential costs. They'll use the Common Financial Tool (CFT) to work this out.

All money advisers use the same CFT to work out how much you can afford to pay towards any debt solution.

Find out more about what counts as essential living costs.

Step 4

Your application goes to AiB and your creditors

The money adviser will send your application to the AiB. This will detail your payments.

This will also go to your creditors asking them to agree to the payment programme. They have 3 weeks to reply.

Step 5

Getting a decision

If your creditors agree, or do not reply within 3 weeks, your application is automatically approved.

If some creditors disagree, AiB will decide whether to approve your debt payment programme anyway.

Find out more about setting up your debt payment programme.

Step 6

If your application is approved

You'll get a letter or email confirming the terms of your debt payment programme, who the payments distributor is and any conditions you must meet.

The payments distributor will contact you to set up your payments. You must make the first payment within 42 days of your payment programme being approved.

You’ll also get log in details you can use to manage your payment programme.

Your debt payment programme is added to the DAS register.

or (instead of step 6)

If your application is rejected

If your application is rejected, you’ll continue to have protection from your creditors for 2 weeks.

Ask your money adviser about your options, such as:

  • appealing the decision (through AiB)
  • applying for a new debt payment programme
  • looking at other debt solutions
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