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Change of circumstances

You need to report changes in your circumstances that may affect your payments.

You need to report changes within one week to either your money adviser or to AiB.

Changes can include:

  • reduced income – for example, due to losing your job
  • higher household costs
  • emergency expenses – like car or home repairs
  • getting pregnant or caring for a child
  • getting a divorce or separation
  • the death of a family member
  • changes in your physical or mental health

AiB could cancel your DAS if you miss payments without approval.

If you're having problems making payments

If your circumstances change and you're having problems making your payments you may be able to:

  • apply for a change to your DAS - for example change the payment amount
  • take a payment break - if you qualify

Contact your money adviser about the best option for you.

DAS payment breaks

There are 2 types of payment breaks:

  1. one-month ‘crisis break’ - your money adviser needs to approve this
  2. up to 6 months payment break - you can apply for this if your disposable income has gone down 50% or more

Your DAS is extended by the length of any payment break you take.

How to apply for a payment break or change your DAS (a ‘variation’)

Applying for a payment break or to change your DAS is called a ‘variation’.

You need to apply to AiB. There are different ways you can apply.

Contact your money adviser 

Your money adviser can help you complete the application or apply on your behalf.

Apply online

You can also apply online (eDEN)

You need to log in to apply. 

Application form (by post)

Contact AiB to ask them to send you an application form. 

Phone: 0300 200 2770 

Complete it and send it to AiB:

Accountant in Bankruptcy
1 Pennyburn Road
KA13 6SA

Completing the application

If you want a payment break or to change your payment amount, you need to:

  • complete the application form to show your new income and expenses
  • give evidence of how your income or expenses have changed

If you’re applying for a payment break you need to show how your disposable income has gone down 50% or more.


Evidence could include things like:

  • a fit note (Statement of Fitness for Work)
  • a P45
  • award letter showing your benefit amount
  • copies of household bills
  • payslips

Private or sensitive evidence

You can mark sensitive or private evidence, like medical information, as confidential.

If you’re applying online through eDEN, you can email confidential evidence separately to AiB at

They'll upload it so only AiB can see it.

What happens next

AiB will automatically approve changes that will shorten your DAS, like increasing your payment amount.

For other changes, AiB contacts your creditors and asks them to agree (they do not have to).

Your creditors have 3 weeks to reply. If they agree (or do not reply in time), it’s approved.

If some creditors disagree, AiB have the final say. They can still decide to approve your application. 

AiB will send you a letter or email say if they approve or reject your application. 

Check how to appeal an AiB decision.

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