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Help after a break-up

Find information and support if you're divorcing or separating from your husband, wife or partner.

Understanding your rights

Advice and support

Citizens Advice has information on who to tell when your relationship ends, dealing with financial arrangements and your housing rights (depending on what kind of relationship you've been in).

Family mediation services

You could consider mediation to reach an agreement with your partner about things like:

  • splitting your money
  • what happens to the family home
  • arrangements for your children

Relationship Scotland's network provides relationship counselling, family mediation and other family support services across Scotland.

Find a local service – Relationships Scotland

Find out how mediation can help you and how to find a mediator for a range of issues.

Find a mediator – Scottish Mediation

CALM Scotland provides mediation services across Scotland. The experienced lawyer-mediators can help with ways of resolving issues and problems after a separation.

Find a mediator near you – CALM Scotland

Legal help

Solicitors who specialise in 'family law' can discuss your options and represent you in court if you and your partner can't agree on matters.

Find a solicitor – Law Society of Scotland

The Family Law Association has over 350 family law solicitors across Scotland.

Find a family law solicitor – the Family Law Association

The Scottish Child Law Centre helps children and young people, their families and carers with free expert legal advice and information.

Contact the Scottish Child Law Centre

If you need legal advice or representation but can't afford it, you may be eligible for legal aid.

Read more about getting help with legal costs.

You could get help with your legal costs by applying for legal aid. Find out more about legal aid.

Looking after your money

Work out your finances

The Money Helper site gives information on sorting your finances on separation if you were cohabiting, in a civil partnership or married. You can also find out how to protect your finances if you and your partner can't agree.

Get an overview of how to sort your finances when you're separating from your partner, including a checklist.

Financial issues if you split up from your partner – Shelter Scotland

Claim benefits

Find out what benefits or credits you can get and how to claim.

Benefits calculator – GOV.UK

Your change in circumstances can affect what benefits you're entitled to. Find out what benefits and grants you might be able to get

Help with benefits - Citizens Advice Scotland

Manage your debts

Get help to deal with debt problems.

Help with debt – Citizens Advice Scotland

Get tips to help you keep on top of debts.

Dealing with debt after separation – Money Helper

Create a personalised action plan to help you manage your money.

Money Steps online tool – National Debtline

Looking after your children

Get help with family decision making

Relationships Scotland offers counselling, mediation and family support services across Scotland.

Find a local service near you – Relationships Scotland

Read what you'll need to do as a parent if you split up from your partner.

Separation and divorce – One Parent Families Scotland

Find free support and information from a partnership of charities that help parents across Scotland.

Information for families – Parenting across Scotland

Get help and advice if you're caring for a child or concerned about a child.

ParentLine Scotland
08000 28 22 33 (7 days a week)
Find out about call charges

You could make a Parenting Plan with the other parent – a voluntary agreement about arrangements for your children.

Arrange child maintenance

You can arrange Child Maintenance yourselves if both parents agree, or you can apply to the Child Maintenance Service.

Arrange child maintenance – GOV.UK

Arranging child maintenance can be different if one parent lives outside Scotland.

Get help with childcare costs

Help with childcare costs is available from the government and employers, including tax credits and free childcare.

See what options are available to help pay for childcare if you need it.

Keeping your home

Get advice on housing issues

Get information and advice to help with any housing issues that may affect you if you separate from your husband, wife or partner.

Relationship breakdown – Shelter Scotland

Deal with rent arrears

Find out what to do if you can't pay your rent or you already owe rent – including what help you can get to pay.

Read about dealing with rent arrears.

Learn your rights as a tenant if you or your partner want to move out.

Tenants' rights – Shelter Scotland

Deal with mortgage arrears or repossession

Find support if you're having mortgage difficulties and are worried you might lose your home.

Read our guide for home owners with mortgage difficulties.

Find out what you can do at any stage of a possible repossession as a home owner.

Keeping your home – the Scottish Legal Aid Board and Shelter Scotland

Find out how you can stay in your home, what happens if you plan to sell and who's responsible for mortgage payments.

Home owners' rights – Shelter Scotland

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