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Using mediation after a separation

Family mediation is when an independent and impartial person discusses a problem with you and your ex-partner to try to find a solution.

The mediator has been trained to help people to sort out disagreements, and won't take sides. You and your ex-partner decide what happens next and agree any arrangements. Both of you must want to take part.

The mediator can help you agree on things like:

  • splitting your money
  • what happens to the family home
  • arrangements for your children

If you want to make your agreement legally binding, ask a solicitor to draw up a separation agreement.

Mediation might not be appropriate in certain cases, for example if there has been domestic abuse. A mediator can tell you whether your situation is suitable for mediation.

You should speak to a solicitor before and during mediation. This will help you understand what your rights are and if what you're agreeing is fair.

How much mediation costs

The cost of mediation depends on what mediation service you use and the type of problem you have. Ask about the potential costs when you contact a mediation provider.

Find a mediator

Relationships Scotland
0345 119 2020 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
Relationships Scotland's network provides relationship counselling, family mediation and other family support services across Scotland. Search for a mediator in your area.

CALM Scotland
0141 889 6244
CALM Scotland offers mediation services from experienced lawyer-mediators that can help with ways of resolving issues and problems after a separation.

Scottish Mediation
Find a local mediation service on the Scottish Mediation website.


Some solicitors are family law specialists. Find a solicitor in your area using:

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