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Divorce, separation and living apart

Includes divorce, arrangements for your children and help with housing and money.

  1. Help after a break-up

    Information and support if you're divorcing or separating from your husband, wife or partner.

  2. Benefits and help with money after splitting up

    Find out whether you can get help with money after breaking up with your partner.

  3. Children and living apart

    Making arrangements for your children after a divorce or separation, parental rights and child maintenance.

  4. Domestic abuse: support

    Get help if you're experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse.

  5. Forced marriage: support

    What to do if you're trying to stop a forced marriage in Scotland or overseas, or if you need help leaving a marriage you've been forced into.

  6. Get a divorce or dissolve a civil partnership

    How to get a divorce or dissolve a civil partnership. Includes ordinary divorces, DIY divorces and costs.

  7. Health and wellbeing after separation

    Emotional help and practical advice after a divorce or separation, includes counselling and divorce support groups.

  8. Help with a relationship problem

    If you and your partner are having problems and you need extra support to sort things out, relationship counselling or mediation could help you.

  9. Make a separation agreement

    Making an agreement with your ex-partner about arrangements for your children, money and property if you're divorcing or separating.

  10. Using mediation after a separation

    When an independent and impartial person discusses a problem with you and your ex-partner to try to find a solution.

  11. Visas when you separate or divorce

    You must tell the Home Office if your relationship ends and you or your partner have a temporary UK visa.

  12. Your home after separation: renting

    Your rights and options for dividing the home you rent after you separate from your partner.

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