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Types of PVG disclosure record

If you join the PVG scheme, you’ll get a PVG disclosure. There are 4 types of PVG disclosure:

  • Scheme Record
  • Existing Scheme Record
  • Scheme Record Update (also known as a Short Scheme Record)
  • Scheme Membership Statement

The type of PVG disclosure you need depends on:

  • what you need it for
  • whether you're already a member of the PVG scheme
  • which group(s) you're a member of

Types and uses of PVG disclosure

Type Who is it for? Cost Includes vetting information?
Scheme Record
  • people who want to join the PVG scheme to do regulated work for an organisation
£59 Yes
Existing Scheme Record
  • PVG members who want to apply to work with a new vulnerable group (for example if you're currently a member for children only but are applying to work with protected adults for the first time)
£59 Yes
Scheme Record Update (also known as a Short Scheme Record)
  • PVG members joining a new organisation but still working with the same vulnerable group
£18 No
Scheme Membership Statement
  • people who are self-employed and doing regulated work
  • private individuals (personal employers) employing someone to do regulated work for them
£18 (existing PVG members) £59 (new applicants) No

Find out more about what each type of PVG disclosure shows

If you're unsure about the type of PVG disclosure you need, email

How to apply

The quickest way to apply for PVG is online.

If you cannot complete a PVG application online, you can ask for a paper application form and return this by post.

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