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Types of work covered by PVG

The PVG scheme does not apply to all jobs and volunteering. It only applies to 'regulated work'. There are 2 types of regulated work – work with children and work with protected adults. Examples include:

  • jobs with caring responsibilities
  • teaching or supervising children or protected adults
  • providing personal services to children or protected adults
  • working directly with children or protected adults

There are many different roles where the PVG scheme can apply. They can be paid or unpaid. Some examples are:

  • nurse
  • child-minder
  • girl guide leader
  • dentist

It can also apply to certain positions of trust within organisations, even when the role does not involve direct contact with children or protected adults. Examples include:

  • membership of certain council committees
  • trustees of charities focused on children
  • trustees of charities focused on protected adults

Some employers, like aid agencies, send people to provide care and education in countries outside the UK. These employers can apply for PVG checks when that work would be considered as regulated work in Scotland.

Personal employers

If you're employing someone to do regulated work for you, you can use the PVG scheme. For example, you could be employing a personal carer, or you could be a parent employing a private tutor for your child.

You can ask the person you're employing to apply online for a PVG check.  If you countersign their application, you'll receive a copy of their PVG certificate. 

This certificate is called a Scheme Membership Statement. It shows their PVG membership information. It includes confirmation they they're not barred from working with children/protected adults and shows if they're under consideration for listing.

You cannot use the PVG scheme if the person doing the work:

  • is a family member who lives with you 
  • lives with you as if they’re a family member (such as someone who is not related to you but lives with and cares for you)
  • has a personal relationship with you and is not being employed or paid for the work (such as a friend or neighbour)


Training webinars

Disclosure Scotland runs free training webinars to help employers who use the PVG scheme. You can sign up on the Disclosure Scotland events page or email to find out more.

Video guidance

There's guidance on Youtube that explains which roles qualify for the PVG scheme.

Contact Disclosure Scotland

If you're unsure whether a role qualifies for PVG, or you need help with the application process, you can contact Disclosure Scotland:

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