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Types of work covered by PVG

The PVG Scheme doesn't apply to all jobs and volunteering. It only applies to 'regulated work'. There are 2 types of regulated work – work with children and work with protected adults. Regulated work is usually jobs including:

  • caring responsibilities
  • teaching or supervising children and/or protected adults
  • providing personal services to children and/or protected adults
  • working directly with children and/or protected adults

There are many kinds of roles, both paid or unpaid. Some examples are:

  • nurse
  • child-minder
  • girl guide leader
  • dentist

It can also apply to certain positions of trust within organisations, even where the role doesn't involve any direct contact with children or protected adults. Examples of this include:

  • membership of certain council committees
  • trustees of charities focused on children
  • trustees of charities focused on protected adults

Some employers, like aid agencies, send staff or volunteers to provide care and education, for example, to people in countries outside the UK. These employers can apply to have an individual PVG-checked when that work, if done in Scotland, would be considered to be 'regulated work'.

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