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Apply to join the PVG scheme

If you're going to do regulated work, the organisation you're working with may ask you to join the PVG scheme.

Regulated work is when you work with children or protected adults. Examples could be a teacher or nurse.

How to apply

The organisation you're working with will start the application online.

Once they complete the first part of the application, you'll receive an email with a link to the second part. You need to complete this part online and submit the application.


The link expires after 14 days, so it’s important to check your inbox regularly. If you cannot find the link, check your spam and junk folder.

If you do not complete the application within 14 days, the organisation will have to restart the process and it will take longer.


It costs £59 to join the PVG scheme. The organisation you're working with will tell you if you need to pay this or if they will.

Information for care experienced people

There’s information to help you complete the application, including how to answer the address history part.

Paper application forms

Organisations can ask for paper forms if you cannot apply online.

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