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Apply to join the PVG scheme

If you're going to be doing 'regulated work' your employer may ask you to join the PVG scheme.

Regulated work is when you work with children and/or protected adults, for example a school teacher, girl guide leader or nurse. There are other types of disclosure for non-regulated work.

Apply online

The quickest way is to apply online.

What your employer needs to do

Your employer or the organisation you're going to be working with needs to start the first part of the application online. This is the same for paid employment or voluntary work.

What you need to do

You'll be sent the second part by email to complete.

Once you complete this part, you submit the application to Disclosure Scotland.

You'll need to show some ID to confirm your identity and address as part of the process. The organisation you're going to be working with will tell you what form of ID they will accept.

Apply now


It costs £59 to join the PVG scheme. The organisation you're applying with will tell you if you need to pay the joining fee or if they'll pay for it.

Paper application forms

Organisations can ask for paper forms if they cannot apply online.

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