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Rules about using disclosures

There are rules about how individuals and organisations must use disclosures.

It’s a criminal offence to misuse a disclosure. This includes:

  • using another person's disclosure as if it's your own
  • forging or altering a disclosure
  • getting a disclosure under false pretences
  • sharing disclosure information improperly

Organisations should use disclosures in line with Disclosure Scotland's Code of Practice and registered body guidance.

Personal information

A disclosure contains sensitive personal information. It should not be used as evidence of a person's identity.

Updating your details

If you're a PVG scheme member, it's important to keep your details up to date with Disclosure Scotland, such as your name and address

This means Disclosure Scotland can contact you quickly if needed and information is sent to the right place.

Report inaccurate information

A disclosure shows the information available on the day it was issued. If you think there’s inaccurate information on a disclosure that’s issued, let Disclosure Scotland know within 3 months of when it was issued:

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