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Updating your PVG details

If you are a member of the PVG scheme, your membership lasts for life unless you choose to leave the scheme.

You should keep your record up to date if for example, you change jobs or move house. This means that Disclosure Scotland can contact you quickly if needed and information is sent to the right place.

You should tell Disclosure Scotland as soon as possible if you change your contact details, including:

  • address
  • contact email
  • phone/mobile number
  • employer

If you tell Disclosure Scotland that you've stopped working with children and/or protected adults with a particular employer or voluntary organisation, Disclosure Scotland will contact them to confirm this.

Legal requirements

Some people are required by law to tell Disclosure Scotland about certain changes:

If you are a PVG scheme member and you change your name or gender, you must tell Disclosure Scotland within 3 months of doing so.

If you are barred from regulated work or are under formal consideration for listing, you must tell Disclosure Scotland within 1 month if you change your:

  • name
  • address
  • gender

If you don't tell Disclosure Scotland about these changes you are committing a criminal offence.

Proof of changes

For Disclosure Scotland to make the changes you must give them:

  • your PVG number
  • your full name
  • your date of birth

Your PVG number is shown on your certificate under your name and date of birth details. It will be 16 digits long and start with the last two digits of the year you first applied.

Supporting documentation

You should also include a copy of supporting documentation to confirm the changes.

For a change of address Disclosure Scotland will accept a copy of:

  • a utility bill
  • a bank statement
  • a credit/debit card statement
  • an insurance letter

For a change of name Disclosure Scotland will accept a copy of:

  • a marriage certificate
  • a passport
  • a drivers licence photocard
  • a deed poll certificate
  • a gender recognition certificate

You won't get a new certificate after changing your details. If you want an updated certificate you'll need to apply for a new one.

Leaving the PVG scheme

If you stop doing regulated work and no longer need a PVG, you are free to leave the scheme. You should contact Disclosure Scotland if you want to leave the scheme. Before they close your account, Disclosure Scotland will confirm you've stopped regulated work with any employers listed on it as an 'interested party'.

If you want to join the scheme again later you must re-apply and pay the fee as if you were new member.

Get in touch

You can contact Disclosure Scotland about changes.


Phone: 0300 020 0040
Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm
Friday 9am to 3:30pm
Find out about call charges

Write to:

Disclosure Scotland
PO box 250
G51 1YU

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