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How to make a complaint to Social Security Scotland

When you make a complaint to Social Security Scotland, please tell them:

  • how you would prefer them to contact you
  • your full name and contact details
  • as much as you can about the complaint
  • what has gone wrong
  • what you want to happen next

You can contact Social Security Scotland to complain by:

You should send written complaints to:

PO Box 10304
DD1 9FZ 

If you have trouble making your complaint, or want this information in another language or format, please contact Social Security Scotland

They can help with:

  • interpretation, translation and transcription services in over 100 languages
  • British Sign Language (BSL) video relay service, available through Contact Scotland
  • letters, information and guidance available in braille, large print, easy read and various audio formats
  • online content that is compatible with screen reader software on Jaws, Voiceover and Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) platforms
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