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Help with money

Financial advisers

A financial adviser can help if you need to split things like a house or a business with your partner, and you're not sure how this will affect your tax return, savings or any other part of your finances.

Some financial advisers offer a free first session, but they will often charge for any work they do on your behalf.


If you and your partner own a lot, such as a number of houses or a business, you might want to use an accountant to value these assets.

A 'forensic accountant' can also check whether the value of assets are true, if you think your partner has given false values.

You can find accountants and forensic accountants at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland website.

Help with pensions

Your pension may be taken into account if you're divorcing or ending your civil partnership.

Actuaries can help you work out how your pension affects your finances. You can find an actuary on the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries website.

Find more information about dividing pensions on divorce or dissolution on the Money Advice Service website.


The type and amount of benefits you're able to get can change if:

  • you're getting divorced
  • ending a civil partnership
  • breaking up with someone you live with

If you're already claiming benefits

You might be able to claim more money.

If you're not claiming benefits

You might be able to make a new claim if you're on a low income.

Find out more about benefits that can help

If you're claiming benefits and you break up with someone, you should mention this when claiming, for example tell your local council or HMRC. Get help from a benefits adviser if you're unsure.

You might also be able to claim a discount on your council tax if you now live on your own.


You can also get help to save if you're on a low income.

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