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Existing members of the PVG scheme

If you're a PVG member and you're starting a new role doing regulated work, the organisation you're working with may ask you to do an existing member application.

This means they'll be added to your membership account and they can get an updated PVG certificate.

How to apply

The organisation you're working with will start the application online.

Once they complete the first part of the application, you'll receive an email with a link to the second part. You need to complete this part online and submit the application.


The link expires after 14 days, so it’s important to check your inbox regularly. If you cannot find the link, check your spam and junk folder.

If you do not complete the application within 14 days, the organisation will have to restart the process and it will take longer.


It costs either £18 or £59 for an existing member application, depending on the type of PVG disclosure you need.

To qualify for a Scheme Record Update, your current PVG membership has to relate to the same group - children or protected adults - as your new role. If not, the update will cost £59.

How long PVG membership lasts

PVG membership lasts for life, unless you choose to leave the scheme. If you're a PVG member and you get barred from working with children and protected adults, you'll be removed from the scheme.

If your contact details change you should let Disclosure Scotland know.

Paper application forms

Organisations can ask for paper forms if you cannot apply online.

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