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Existing members of the PVG scheme

PVG membership lasts for life, unless you choose to leave the scheme. If you get barred from working with children and protected adults after joining the PVG scheme, you'll also be removed from the scheme.

You should update your record with Disclosure Scotland if your contact details change.

If you're starting a new job or voluntary role which involves regulated work, your new employer may ask you to complete an existing PVG scheme member application online. This will allow them to get an up-to-date certificate and be added to your PVG membership account.

Apply online

Your employer or organisation you're going to be working with will start the application process online.

Once your employer or organisation has completed the first part of the application, the second part will be sent to you by email to complete online.


It costs £18 for an existing PVG scheme member application.

To qualify for a Scheme Record Update, your current PVG scheme membership has to relate to the same group - children or protected adults - as your new employment. If not, the update will cost £59.

Paper application forms

Organisations can also apply for PVG disclosures by asking for paper forms to return by post.

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