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Job scams and disclosure checks

Scammers can use fake or misleading job adverts to get money and personal information from you.

Some of these scams involve disclosure checks.

Scams involving disclosure checks

Scammers can list fake adverts on job sites. When you apply they might say you need a disclosure check for the job.

They might ask you to send money and personal information so they can apply for the disclosure on your behalf.

Scammers may then steal your money and personal information.

Things that might suggest a job scam

These signs might suggest a job scam:

  • people asking you for money
  • people offering you a job without an interview
  • poorly written job adverts
  • unrealistic pay on job adverts
  • suspicious contact details such as an area code you do not recognise or a premium rate phone number
  • a website or email address that does not seem professional

What you can do to avoid a job scam

Things you can to avoid a job scam include:

  • research the company advertising the job
  • do not pay money for a disclosure check until you’re sure the job is real
  • if the company says they’re handling the disclosure check, contact Disclosure Scotland to confirm they’re registered to do this
  • make sure any charges match Disclosure Scotland fees

How to report a job scam

If you think a job advert is part of a scam:

If you’ve been scammed

If you’ve sent money or personal information to someone and think it’s part of a scam, report it to Police Scotland.

More information 

You can find more guidance on the JobsAware website. They are a non-profit organisation that aims to help make the jobs market safer.

They provide advice for workers on things like workers’ rights and safe job-seeking.

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