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Self-employed or work for a personal employer

If you're self-employed and doing regulated work, you can join the PVG scheme without an organisation countersigning your application.

This is known as a Scheme Membership Statement application.

If you're working for an individual (a personal employer), you can choose to ask them to countersign your application. They'll be sent a copy of your PVG certificate.

Apply by email

If you're joining the PVG scheme for the first time, you'll need to complete the apply to join form and return by email.

If you are an existing member of the PVG scheme, you will need to complete the existing member form and return by email.


A Scheme Membership Statement costs £59 if you're:

  • joining the PVG scheme for the first time
  • an existing PVG member who will be working with a different group

It costs £18 for existing members who are working with the same group of people.

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