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Leaving the PVG scheme

PVG scheme membership lasts for life unless you choose to leave the scheme. Members are continuously monitored to see if they're suitable for regulated work

If you stop doing regulated work and no longer need PVG membership, you can choose to leave the scheme.

How to leave the PVG scheme

Complete the Update PVG details form and email it to

Before ending your membership, Disclosure Scotland will contact any employers listed on your membership to confirm you've stopped regulated work.

If you want to join the scheme again later you'll need to re-apply and pay the fee as if you're a new member.

Information for registered organisations

You should let Disclosure Scotland know when a PVG member stops doing regulated work for your organisation. Send an email to

Disclosure Scotland can give you a list of PVG members connected with your organisation, so you can check it's up to date.

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