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Before you register

Before you register your organisation with Disclosure Scotland, you need to check your employees are eligible for standard, enhanced or PVG disclosures.

Once you're sure they're eligible, you need to decide which staff members will be responsible for handling disclosure checks.

Lead signatory

One person will be your lead signatory. They’re responsible for making sure that disclosure information is handled properly in the organisation.

Your lead signatory should hold a senior position in the organisation. They should have enough responsibility to have authority over other countersignatories.


The lead signatory does not have to sign all the disclosure applications. There can also be one or more countersignatories.

Countersignatories do not automatically become PVG scheme members, but they can become a member separately if their role requires it.

Disclosure Scotland carries out ongoing background checks to make sure signatories are suitable for these roles. These are different to the checks carried out to monitor PVG members. 

Lead signatories and countersignatories are both given a personal ID number to use for countersigning applications. They should not share this number with anyone else.

If Disclosure Scotland decides they're no longer suitable to handle disclosure information, they may lose their right to countersign.

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