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Standard disclosure

A standard disclosure is used to help employers make sure people are suitable for certain types of work.

It can apply to people who:

  • administer the law, such as solicitors or court workers
  • use firearms and explosives licences
  • work as accountants
  • work as actuaries

Standard disclosure is a type of higher level disclosure. Different roles use other types of disclosure.

Information on a standard disclosure

A standard disclosure shows criminal history information from UK records, including:

The certificate will show if there are no convictions to disclose.

Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, some convictions can be treated as spent after a certain length of time, meaning they're not relevant to some types of disclosure.

How to apply 

The organisation you're working with will send you a form to complete.

Organisations can download the digital form. Once the form is complete, the organisation needs to email it to Disclosure Scotland.

If you cannot complete the digital form, organisations can ask for a paper form instead.

Once your application is processed, both you and the organisation you applied with are sent a copy of the standard disclosure certificate.

Organisations must register with Disclosure Scotland to apply for standard disclosure. If they do not want to register, they can use an umbrella body instead.  

Cost of standard disclosure

A standard disclosure costs £25. This can be paid by credit or debit card. It can also be paid by invoice if the organisation is registered with Disclosure Scotland.

You will not get a refund unless Disclosure Scotland has made an error.

How long it takes to get your certificate

Most applications are processed within 14 calendar days. A certificate is then sent to you by post. If there are mistakes in your application it may take longer.

Information for care experienced people

There’s information to help you complete the application, including how to answer the address history part of the form.


You can contact Disclosure Scotland for help, for example if you need your certificate number and cannot find it.

View contact details on the Disclosure Scotland website.

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