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Apply to register

When an organisation or individual is ready to register, they must contact Disclosure Scotland for an application pack.

The application must be made in writing and sent along with proof of identity for:

  • the registered person (lead signatory)
  • anyone nominated to be a countersignatory

Disclosure Scotland will then perform checks to make sure the lead signatory and countersignatories are suitable to handle employees' private information.

Registration costs

There is a minimum annual charge of £75 for registering with Disclosure Scotland. This fee covers the lead signatory and up to 4 countersignatories.

Adding more countersignatories costs £15 each per year.

Disclosure Scotland guidance

Organisations applying to register with Disclosure Scotland should make sure they read and follow Disclosure Scotland's Code of Practice (PDF).

Sample policies

Organisations and employers can use Disclosure Scotland's sample information handling policy and sample policy for the recruitment of ex-offenders to help create their own policies. They can add their own branding if they want to.

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