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How Social Security Scotland can help

Social Security Scotland can help you apply for a benefit. 

You can get help with applications for:

In some parts of Scotland, you can also get help with an application for Adult Disability Payment. At the moment, you can ask for help with this if you live in:

  • Dundee City
  • Perth and Kinross
  • the Western Isles

If you live in another part of Scotland, you’ll be able to get help with this later in 2022. Find out more about Adult Disability Payment.

Social Security Scotland advisers

Social Security Scotland has advisers who can:

  • explain how you can apply for a Social Security Scotland benefit
  • answer questions about benefits and the application process

You can get help from these advisers:

  • over the phone
  • in a web chat

Find out how you can contact Social Security Scotland.

If you need more support, you can also ask Social Security Scotland for an appointment with their Local Delivery service.

Get help from independent advocates 

Social Security Scotland can also provide extra support through an independent advocate if you have:

  • a physical disability
  • a learning disability
  • a mental health condition

Find out more about asking for an independent advocate

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