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Get extra support applying for benefits in Scotland

If you’re disabled you can get extra support to understand and apply for benefits from Social Security Scotland.

You’ll get support from a person known as an advocate.

What an advocate does

The advocate will try to understand your point of view and what you want to happen.

They can help you to:

  • apply for a benefit
  • make sure you’re heard and understood
  • get involved and make decisions
  • ask questions and get the information you need
  • understand and secure your rights in relation to Social Security Scotland benefits
  • express your rights, views, and wishes including what you want to achieve

They will not:

  • make decisions for you
  • give you advice
  • speak for you if you're able to speak for yourself, unless you ask them to
  • give their own views or opinions

An advocate cannot be a friend or family member.

You can ask for help from an advocate at any point. This includes before, during or after applying for Social Security Scotland benefits.

If you need an advocate, you should: 

You can also contact the advocacy service provider VoiceAbility on 0300 303 1660. Find out more about VoiceAbility.  

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