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Mobility awards at ages 3 and 5

Who is eligible 

Any child who receives Child Disability Payment could be eligible for more assistance after their third or their fifth birthday. This could mean an increase in the payment they receive if they meet the eligibility criteria.  

Find out about the rates of Child Disability Payment.

Advance awards for mobility needs

In some cases, Social Security Scotland will identify the need for mobility assistance based on what you tell them when you apply on behalf of the child. An award will be made in advance, and Social Security Scotland will tell you this when you receive their first decision.

If Social Security Scotland cannot award the mobility component automatically, they'll write to you as the child approaches their third or fifth birthday.

If you get a letter before the child’s third or fifth birthday

Social Security Scotland will write to you before the child's third or fifth birthday if they think you should apply on the child's behalf. They'll ask you to tell them about the child's current mobility needs and any issues.

If you choose not to supply details about the child’s mobility needs, Social Security Scotland may not be able to award the mobility component until after their next review.

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