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If you're late completing a review

If you have not returned your review pack after 28 days, Social Security Scotland will send you a reminder. If you still have not returned your review pack after 56 days, they'll send you another reminder. These will be sent by letter.

Late reviews and suspensions

If you do not respond to the reminders, your Child Disability Payment could be suspended. This means the child’s payments could stop until you get back in contact with Social Security Scotland.

If you return your review pack within 28 days of being suspended, the child’s payments will be backdated.

If Social Security Scotland cannot contact you, they may have to end the child’s Child Disability Payment. This means the child’s payments could stop completely.

What to do if the child’s payments are suspended

If there's a reason you cannot complete the review form, contact Social Security Scotland to let them know.

If suspending the child’s Child Disability Payment will leave you in financial hardship, such as not being able to pay for things like bills, food or other costs, contact Social Security Scotland. They will not suspend the child’s payments if you get in touch to let them know.

If you contact them, they can end the suspension and backdate the child’s payments.

If you ask them to look again at the suspension of the child’s payments, they have 31 days to look again at the decision to suspend.

Contact Social Security Scotland about a suspension

Contact Social Security Scotland free on 0800 182 2222 to:

  • discuss a suspension
  • let them know a suspension will cause financial hardship
  • get help to complete a review form

Find out what to do if you need help contacting Social Security Scotland, or are calling from abroad.

Social Security Scotland can also help if you need assistance to:

  • complete the review form
  • gather any information you need to complete your review.

You can complete your review online at any time, even if your payments are suspended.

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