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Make a claim

Who can claim

If you're the parent, primary carer or sibling (aged under 18) of a young inpatient under the age of 18 receiving hospital care, you can claim for the costs of travel and food.

An inpatient is a patient who lives in hospital while having treatment. You cannot claim costs for outpatient visits through the scheme.

You must normally live in Scotland. You need to make the claim from the Young Patients Family Fund within 3 months of the young inpatient being discharged from hospital.

A primary carer is someone who is not the biological parent of the young inpatient but has parental responsibility and is responsible for their care and upbringing.

How to make a claim

You can either:

You can use this form to make a claim for more than one eligible visitor or you can fill in separate claim forms.

What you need when claiming

When filling in the claim form you'll need the:

  • patient’s name and date of birth
  • patient's CHI number
  • names of claimants and their contact details
  • bank details (if you wish to be paid by bank transfer)
  • name of the hospital, ward name and number
  • consultant's name
  • date of admission
  • details of your claim

You also need to send evidence with your claim form. For example, receipts or bank statements for all public transport, parking and accommodation.

You do not need to provide evidence for any claims for the cost of food and drink.

The cost of any food or non-alcoholic drinks is limited at up to £8.50 per day for each eligible visitor. You cannot claim for this if you've already received food of food vouchers direct from the hospital.

You must get the form signed by a medical professional at the hospital where the young patient was cared for.

Where to claim

After you've filled in the claim form, hand it in to the cash office of the hospital where the patient is being treated. Or you can post it to the NHS Board in the area where they are being treated.

When to claim

You can make a claim:

  • more than once throughout the young inpatient’s stay in hospital – for example, weekly


  • in full for the entire stay in hospital once they have been discharged – this must be within 3 months
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