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Scotland's Baby Boxes

All newborn babies in Scotland will be given a box of essential items, containing things like:

  • clothes, from newborn up to 6 months
  • a digital under arm thermometer
  • bath and room thermometer
  • a bath towel
  • a changing mat
  • books

The box also has a mattress, mattress protector and 2 fitted sheets.

How you get your Baby Box

The Baby Box is free and your midwife will help you register for it.

This will happen during your 18 to 20 or 28 week antenatal appointment.

Your midwife will:

  • explain the Baby Box to you and ask if you would like one
  • fill in a Baby Box registration card with you
  • tell you about delivery

You do not need to do anything else. You'll get the Baby Box between weeks 32 to 36 of pregnancy.

If you need further help

For more information on the Baby Box visit the Parent Club website.

We work with the APS Group to provide the Baby Box. If you have any queries about the Baby Box you should contact APS.


Phone: 0800 030 8003

Let us know what you think about the Baby Box

Let us know what you think by email at: 

You can give feedback on:

  • if we did something well
  • if we need to improve something
  • the contents of the box
  • the registration process
  • why you chose not to receive a box
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