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What you can claim for


Each claimant can claim back the motor mileage costs of one return car journey a day when they are travelling to the hospital. If all visitors travel together, only one return journey should be claimed per day. Visitors should not make separate travel expenses claims when travelling together in the same vehicle

On public transport, each claimant can claim back up to one return journey a day. You must provide receipts for each journey and can only claim for standard class travel.


Travel by taxi will only be considered in certain circumstances, for example where no public transport is available or a visitor’s medical condition means they cannot travel by public transport. You must get your taxi travel approved by the hospital before travelling.


You can claim back car parking costs in full when you submit the receipts. Some hospitals offer free parking or a parking permit for free parking may be available. Ask hospital staff for more details.


You should only use air travel when it's cheaper than other transport or when it's the only sensible way – for example, island to mainland travel. Flights must be approved by the hospital's local NHS Board before you travel.

Approved flights are limited to a maximum of one return journey per week for each eligible visitor.


You can claim meals in one of the following ways:

  • The hospital may provide meals free of charge from the canteen or patient meals, up to a maximum of three meals per day
  • The hospital may provide meal tokens or vouchers to eligible visitors to be used in a hospital canteen or similar
  • You can claim a contribution of up to £8.50 per eligible visitor, per day for food and non-alcoholic drinks. This can be purchased outside of hospital grounds

You can specify if you would prefer meals, meal tokens or to claim a contribution of up to £8.50 but you cannot claim for the cost of food if the hospital has already provided meals free of charge or meal tokens. Speak to the hospital to find out more about local arrangements.


Your hospital should be able to give you accommodation if needed. If hospital accommodation is not possible, you will get a contribution to reasonable overnight accommodation costs. The room must be booked by your hospital.

Twins and multiples

If you have twins or multiples in neonatal care or receiving inpatient treatment and they are in the same hospital, you can only claim once a day under the same rules as a single young inpatient.

The claim form must have details for each of the babies, children or young people.

If you have twins or multiples in different hospitals you can claim expenses once a day for each. To do this you must complete a separate form for each.


If the young inpatient dies prior to discharge, you will still be able to claim for expenses incurred during the time you spent with them. You will not be able to claim for any expenses incurred after they have been moved to the mortuary, funeral directors or to the family home.

What you cannot claim for

You cannot make a claim from the Young Patients Family Fund for the costs of:

  • loss of earnings
  • parking fines
  • childcare
  • care hire
  • visitors' expenses
  • expenses for other outpatient appointments
  • alcoholic drinks
  • Travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses associated with visiting young inpatients before 26 July 2021 and the establishment of this fund. 
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