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Costs of a trust deed

Your trust deed payment comes from your disposable income. This is the income you have left after paying for household costs, such as:

  • rent or mortgage
  • childcare
  • car finance
  • food
  • utility bills
  • council tax

You'll usually pay a minimum of 48 monthly payments directly to your trustee. They'll make the payments to your creditors for you.

The trustee will ask you to give them information about your income and essential costs once a year. This is to make sure you're paying the correct amount. The trustee may increase or decrease the amount you pay based on this information.

Trustees fees

Your trustee will charge a fee for setting up and running the trust deed. This will be taken from your monthly payment and will be agreed with your trustee before you sign the trust deed.

Fees can vary so it's important to understand these before you sign the trust deed.

How you make the payments

You can pay your trustee by:

  • direct debit
  • standing order
  • manual payment

The trustee will make the payments to your creditors.

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