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Help with supporting information

Help from Social Security Scotland

Get in touch if you’re not sure what you can use as supporting information. Social Security Scotland can help you work out if you can use documents you already have at home.

You can:

If you need help to get supporting information, you can ask Social Security Scotland to gather it for you. They can approach individuals or organisations on your behalf to ask for information in support of your application or review.

It may take longer for Social Security Scotland to process your application or review it, if they get the supporting information for you. This is because it can take time getting information from other organisations.

Social Security Scotland will only contact individuals or organisations if you have given your permission for this.

Other support from Social Security Scotland

You can get extra support from an independent advocate if you have a disability or a mental health condition.

Help from other organisations

There are local charities and organisations who can support you, such as Citizens Advice Scotland.

If you have any other questions

You can contact Social Security Scotland if:

  • you want to check the progress of your application
  • your situation has changed

We’ll be able to access your application quicker if you know your National Insurance number.

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