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Bullying, stalking and online radicalisation

'Cyber bullying' is any form of online abuse. For example someone making threats or putting up images that will hurt you.

It can occur in:

  • emails
  • social media
  • messaging services
  • forums and chat rooms
  • gaming communities

If you're being bullied (or a member of your family is being bullied), you can often block bullies using your email or social network's account settings.

Cyber bullying can be a crime – if it's regular and becomes harassment.

You can find more advice about cyber bullying on the Family Lives website.

Reporting cyber bullying on social networks

If the bullying happens on a social network, you can report it.

Find out how to report abuse on:

Cyber stalking

Cyber stalking can include:

  • getting emails you do not want
  • someone trying to find out things about you

You can find help with stalking and harassment on the National Stalking Helpline website.

Online radicalisation

Extremist groups use social media websites to influence and groom vulnerable people.

They also use chat rooms, forums and instant messaging apps.

If an extremist group has approached you online, you should report this to the police by:

You can find more advice about online radicalisation on the Get Safe Online website.

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