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Support if someone shares your intimate picture without permission

You can tell the police if someone shares or threatens to share an intimate image of you without your consent.

This is sometimes called 'revenge porn' or 'the non-consensual sharing of intimate images'.

Intimate images can be shared in a number of ways, for example by text, social media or showing a physical or digital copy to another person.

What are intimate images?

Intimate images can be pictures or videos of you doing something normally done in private. You may have agreed to the pictures being taken, but you didn't agree to them being shared with others.

An intimate image could show:

  • you taking part in a sexual act
  • your genitals, buttocks or breasts exposed in a private place (for example, at home)
  • you wearing only your underwear in a private place (for example, at home)

Report it to the police

The police recognise revenge porn as a serious form of abuse. Report someone sharing or threatening to share an intimate image without consent by calling 101 or in an emergency phone 999.

If you don't want to talk to the police

If you're unsure about talking to the police, there are lots of people you can trust who can help you work out what to do:

Read more about domestic abuse, stalking or online crime.

Report abuse online

You can report non-consensually shared intimate images online if it happens on a social network. This can help get an image removed. Find out how to report abuse on:

Your rights

As a victim of crime, you have rights. The Victims' Code for Scotland sets out these rights and who to contact for help and advice.

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