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Children and teenagers

If your child or teenager uses the internet, you should take steps to keep them safe online.

There is no single way of doing this and advice can vary depending on the age of your child or teenager.

Some common advice includes:

  • using parental control software
  • using a secure internet connection
  • encouraging your children not to give out personal information online
  • encouraging your children to think about what they post
  • asking your children to tell you about any inappropriate content they find

You can find more advice on protecting children and teenagers online on the:

Parental control software

Parental control software can help prevent your child or teenager finding inappropriate content online.

Most computers, smartphones or tablets have parental control software which you can access through:

  • a computer's control panel
  • a smartphone or tablet's settings screen

Parental control software is also available:

  • to buy or download
  • from Internet Service Providers, such as BT, Virgin, Sky, and Talk Talk
  • through games consoles and mobile networks
  • through 'on demand' services, such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD

You can find more advice on parental control software on the Get Safe Online website.

You can find tips for staying secure online on the National Cyber Security Centre website.

Child safe browsers

Make sure your web browser is set up to offer you its:

  • built-in security
  • safety and privacy features
  • search engines filters

You can find out what safety features your browser has on the UK Safer Internet Centre website.

Or find more advice on safe browsing on the Get Safe Online website.

Online gaming

Using the parental control settings on your child or teenager's games console you can:

  • choose an age rating for any games or films they access
  • control their interactions with other users, for example blocking voice or picture sharing
  • set time limits on how long they can play The UK Safer Internet centre has more information on gaming devices for parents including tips for different consoles.

You can also find more advice on safe online gaming on the:

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