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Justice and the law

Legal processes, courts, the police and victim support.

  1. Community safety and crime prevention

    Includes personal and home safety, terrorism and weather emergencies like flooding.

  2. Contacting the police and victim support

    You can get support even if you do not report the crime to the police.

  3. Courts, tribunals, sentencing and witnesses

    Includes criminal, civil and Children's Hearing court cases, witness support and jury service.

  4. Illegal drugs and driving in Scotland

    It's a crime to drive if you've taken illegal drugs or if you're unfit through any drug. Find out the law around illegal drugs and driving.

  5. Pardons and disregards for convictions for sexual activity between men

    Find out how you can have a historical conviction for same-sex sexual activity removed from your records.

  6. Legal advice and legal aid

    Getting free help with legal problems, finding a solicitor and applying for legal aid.

  7. Prescription drugs and driving in Scotland

    It's a crime to drive if you're over the limits for certain prescription or illegal drugs or you're unfit because you've taken any drug. Find out the law around prescription drugs and driving.

  8. Prisons and parole

    Prison visits, parole and support for families of prisoners.

  9. Young people and the law

    Includes legal rights, support for young victims of crime, Children's Hearings and cyber bullying.

  10. Your rights and the law

    Includes being arrested, police warnings, discrimination and consumer rights.

  11. Scotland's Redress Scheme

    Find out how to apply for Scotland's Redress Scheme and access help and support.

  12. Surrender and Compensation Scheme for knives and bladed weapons

    How to give up and get money for knives and bladed weapons that will soon be illegal.

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