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Get free PVG disclosure checks for volunteers

Some organisations can get free PVG checks for their volunteers.

The volunteers must be doing regulated work with children or protected adults.

The organisation must register as a qualifying voluntary organisation (QVO) to get free PVG checks.

Types of organisation

The organisation must be not for profit, such as a charity.

It must not be:

  • a school, college or university
  • a public or local authority
  • managed by a public or local authority 

Apply to be a qualifying voluntary organisation (QVO)

Organisations must become a qualifying voluntary organisation (QVO) to get free PVG checks for volunteers.

The cheapest way to become a QVO is to join Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services (VSDS). They're funded by the Scottish Government to give free disclosure services to voluntary organisations.

VSDS offers free:

  • enrolment
  • training
  • support

VSDS can sign PVG applications for your organisation.


Call VSDS on 01786 849777 or email them at to register.

Other options

Your organisation can also become a QVO by:

  • registering with Disclosure Scotland, but it costs at least £75 a year
  • joining with another umbrella body, but they may charge a fee
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