PVG: lists of those unsuitable to do regulated work
Last updated: 28 March 2019

Appeal against a listing decision

If someone's unhappy about being listed as unsuitable to work with children and/or protected adults, they can appeal against the listing to a Sheriff.

This must be done within 3 months of Disclosure Scotland's decision to list.

You can find your local sheriff court below:

The person will remain barred from relevant regulated work until the appeal is decided.

If the sheriff thinks that the person should be listed, the listing will remain in place. If the sheriff thinks that Disclosure Scotland should not have listed the person, the person will be removed from the list.

If either the person or Disclosure Scotland doesn't agree with the sheriff's decision, they can appeal against it to the sheriff principal.

The sheriff principal's decision is final unless they allow an appeal to the Inner House of the Court of Session. The decision of the Inner House is final.

Apply to be removed from a list

When someone's listed, it lasts forever. A listed person can apply to be removed from a list if:

  • the conviction which caused the listing is overturned
  • 10 years have passed from the date of listing
  • 5 years have passed from the date of listing if they were under 18 when they were listed

If the application is unsuccessful, they can apply 10 years later for removal from the list.

How to apply for removal from a list

If someone wants to apply to be removed from a list, they should contact Disclosure Scotland:

by email:

or write to them at:
Disclosure Scotland
PO box 250
G51 1YU