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Children and adults lists

Disclosure Scotland keeps a list of people unsuitable to do regulated work with children and a list of people unsuitable to work with protected adults.

The lists are separate, although people can be on both lists.

If Disclosure Scotland adds someone to one or both of these lists, it is known as being 'listed'.

If you are listed

If someone is listed on one of these lists, they are barred from working with the vulnerable groups covered by that list.

For example, someone on the list of those considered unsuitable to work with children, cannot do regulated work with children.

Unless they are listed on both lists, someone considered unsuitable to work with children can still work with protected adults and vice versa.

It is a criminal offence for someone who's listed to do regulated work in the UK with the protected groups they are listed for. It's also a criminal offence for an organisation to employ a listed person to do that kind of regulated work.

If someone is listed they are not eligible for PVG scheme membership for that type of work.

If they were already a PVG Scheme member before they got listed, Disclosure Scotland will end their membership for that type of regulated work.

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